Available in flacons of 55 ml


NEW 105 - Warm fruity top notes and intoxicating citrus notes. Veil of sweet raspberry and black currant, followed by delicate floral notes of neroli, jasmine and rose and in the base - sweet vanilla and love musk.

NEW 130 - Floral fragrance, a sunny bouquet of ylang-ylang, jasmine, orange blossom and tuberose. Elegant and refined, this characteristic feminine fragrance is designed for the free-thinking and independent woman.

NEW 149 - Sweet, floral fragrance with warm woody notes. Fresh citrus, honey, patchouli and gardenia combined with caramel, licorice, beeswax.

NEW 109 - A fragrance with a timeless character. Classic chypre of patchouli, oakmoss and bergamot with charming oriental motives. Exotic bouquet and burning heart of jasmine, ylang-ylang, amber and incense. Rich and mysterious, refined and sexy.

NEW 115 - Modern classic that combines the purity and freshness of the top notes of aldehydes, tuberose, jasmine sambac and lily of the valley with warm base notes of sandalwood, musk and vanilla.

NEW 120 - A fragrance that does not go unnoticed and will not be forgotten. Oriental-woody scent with fresh green top notes, figs and caviar in the heart and pleasant woody notes in the base accords.

NEW 145 - Oriental, floral, spicy fragrance blend with top notes of tangerine, cardamom, cumin and clove, with heart notes of ylang-ylang, licorice, mango and base notes of patchouli, vanilla, amber and cashmere. Intense and sensual.

NEW 153 - Exotic, fruity-floral, sensual and attractive.  For the woman who yearns to feel free every moment of her life and to be part of an exciting world full of joy, surprise and seduction. The fragrance is a contrast between exotic fruits and enticing flowers. The base notes are pomegranate, dates, fresh green notes, black orchid, lotus, amber, mahogany forest and violets with a hint of sour cream.  

NEW 162 - Floral-woody, musky scent.  Top notes of tangerine and lotus, heart notes of iris and carnation and base notes of musk, benzoin and sandalwood.

NEW 170 - Extremely fresh, feminine fragrance blend of blood orange and ginger, wrapped in jasmine sambac and orange blossom, warm woody notes, honey and vanilla.

NEW 191 - Fresh spring fragrance with floral and fruity notes.  Top citrus notes of green lemon leaves and green lilac, peach blossom and peony. Green tea, soft musk and amber round off this light and fine fragrance.

122 - Redolent floral scent of tuberose, green notes, orange blossom and amber.

035 - Floral-fruity scent of pineapple, peach, peony and freesia.

038 - Sweet oriental scent, pink pepper, coffee, jasmine, musk and vanilla.

306 - Oriental floral scent, captivating scent of tangerine, lychee, sweet jasmine, amber and sandalwood.

189 - Rapturous, timeless and fashionless, sunny and vivid scent of fresh citrus, fruits and flowers, sensual musk.

136 - Sparkling freshness of frosted pomegranate, delicate blossoms of peony and magnolia, subtle amber and musk.

126 - Sparkling fruity top notes - watermelon, kiwi, melon, a delicate touch of jasmine, pink cyclamen and warm musk.

166 - Sexy, fresh and irresistible Oriental scent. Elegant and luxury duo of rose and jasmine, the most delicate notes of patchouli and vetiver sweetened with vanilla and soft white musk.

173 - Seductive soft, floral blend of Jasmine Sambac, tuberose, delicate vanilla. Caressing Oriental whiff, sandalwood and musk.

034  - Life is more beautiful and noticeable with this new fragrance with the extravagant blend of black currant, orange blossom, iris, jasmine, patchouli, vanilla and chocolate. 

187 - Extremely feminine fruity and floral scent. The top notes of bergamot and peach combine with the floral heart notes of rose, orchid, violet, vanilla, musk, magnolia. 

325 - Scent of fresh spicy notes blended with white flowers, a hint of coconut, sandalwood, musk and amber.

192 A fascinating, fresh, floral, woody fragrance of orange blossoms, a touch of raspberry, Arabian jasmine, gardenia, honey, patchouli, vanilla, amber.

324 – Sweet and elegant blend of freesia, rose, patchouli, vanilla, musk.

335 - An unexpected, stunning, new female world of fragrances - fresh, floral, oriental, spicy.
A perfect fragrance composition of aquatic salty notes, sweet Arabian jasmine, teasing ginger, warm musk and cashmere. Embodiment of luxury and privilege.



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